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Print Management for Operational Documents

From design to distribution, MT&L provides a proven combination of technology and logistics, powered by our well trained and knowledgeable staff. Our web-based Print Management Program provides a supply chain management tool featuring:

Client services - The account management team assigned to each client manages and has key responsibilities including focusing on priority response, delivery production performance and quality, and client satisfaction.

Document Management Service - From design to distribution, MT&L will continue providing our clients with a unique combination of technology and logistics - powered by our people.

Warehouse and Distribution - MT&L provides warehouse and distribution services as part of our overall value offer. These services include:
• Pick and pack
• Online requisitioning
• Inventory control
• Tracking service

Design Services - As part of overall program, MT&L offers design services but not limited to:
• Design creation
• Technical design with deep industry knowledge
• Proofing


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